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custom production

Custom pieces are designed and produced in accordance with Maria Kobelova’s style, in addition to each client’s wishes. It all starts with a meeting in our studio or on a video-call, during which we consult ideas and potentially also choose gemstones that can be set into your jewel. It can be inspired by the Doux series, or made from scratch.

The production of a custom jewel takes approximately 1–2 months, depending on the design.


The price of custom pieces can stretch from 8 000 CZK to 100 000 CZK (320 to 4000 EUR) including VAT. The cost is determined mainly by the quality of the gemstones, the weight of the used material and the shape of the jewel.

The weight of a ring in 14k gold can range from 3.00 to 20.00g of 14k gold (Au 585/1000). However, custom jewellery can be made also from Sterling Silver or 18k gold.

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