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Size measurement


If you do not know your ring size, you aren't sure or you want to give the ring to someone, the following text is written for you. It should serve as a quick guide to choosing a size.


  1. Measurement with a professional

If you have the opportunity to make an appointment in the studio, or to go to another jeweler, the measurement result will certainly be the most accurate thanks to the tools provided.

In this case, you can come with or without a ring - it is possible to measure both the size of the ring itself and the circumference of your finger with gauges.


  2. Home measurements

If meeting an expert is beyond your possibilities right now, there are several ways to determine the size of the ring in the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

The aim of both of the following methods is to obtain the value of the inner circumference of the ring, which is also the standard size (ie 52 mm = EU size 52), according to which you can choose the size here on our e-shop.


Ringless measurement

In this case, it is best to choose a strong, inelastic but flexible material, such as dental floss, paper-cut tape or a classic string.

Make sure your fingers are not swollen and you have been in a stable environment at room temperature for some time, as your finger size may vary greatly depending on the environment. If you are unsure, we recommend measuring your finger three to four times during the day.

Then wrap the selected measuring material around the finger on which you want to wear the piece of jewelry. It is important to think about the joint through which you will pull the ring - in practice, it has proved useful to measure the size almost at the finger joint.

Mark the place where the measuring material meets from both sides with a bold color and then compare with the ruler. The inner circumference of the ring is the number in millimeters, which is also the standard size, according to which you can choose your order in the e-shop here on the website from the drop-down menu at an item's page.


If you have a ring that you know fits you or the recipient, place the ring on a flat surface and outline the inside of the ring with a sharp point of a pencil. Then you measure the diameter with a ruler - you need to make sure that you also measure millimeters.

You then multiply the obtained number in millimeters by the number π, ie 3.14, and you get the inner circumference in millimeters, ie the standard size.

If you get a size such as 53.40, we recommend choosing a smaller size.


If it happens that the ring still does not fit you, there is nothing to worry about - resizing is free within 60 days of the invoice being issued.



Jewelry care

Although jewelry is certainly an accessory that is meant to make you happy and underline your personality, and is therefore also designed for everyday wearing, it is important to take good care of it.


Do not expose your jewelry to extreme temperatures and avoid contact with strong cleaning agents.

It is also advisable to avoid bumps when wearing jewelry. Avoid contact with hard and rough objects.


The best option for jewelry cleaning at home are products by Hagerty. Alternatively, you can choose one of domestic products such as toothpaste, lemon, vinegar, or soap, thoroughly clean your jewelry with a tooth brush and under running water, and then wipe well with a cloth.

In some cases, silver may start turning black. It is a natural feature of this element - upon contact with air, a thin oxidation layer may form on it. It can be easily cleaned with a dedicated product by Hagerty or a toothpaste, a tooth brush and a cloth.


Silver gilded with yellow or rose gold is plated with a thin layer of material, which peels off after some time. However, we will be happy to arrange the process of re-gilding of your silver jewelry.

Warranty and post-warranty service


Your purchase includes, as part of the warranty service, an adjustment of the ring size within 60 days of purchase free of charge and re-gilding of the jewelry, also free of charge, within 3 months.


Furthermore, in addition to the warranty service, we are able to provide the following for your jewelry:

adding a missing earring to the pair

jewelry cleaning or restoration

repair of a broken chain or its modification

repair of a deformed ring

ring resizing more than 60 days after purchase

replacement of damaged earrings and chains

re-crimping of the stone


We will be happy to inform you of the approximate price of a specific action within the post-warranty service by e-mail. The price varies depending on the type and size of the jewelry. Contact us at

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